IP successfully appealed a settlement award of $8K which increased to recovery over $1 million.

Background: We received, for one of our industry pension fund clients, a payment of $8000 relating to a single case settlement for one account – a payment that was significantly lower than we had calculated.

IP Action: As part of the IP Settlement Recovery process, we challenged this award and took it through an appeal process. We treat every claim as an asset and routinely verify and challenge payments to ensure maximum recovery.

Result: The appeal was successful and client recovered over $1 million for the claim on this account alone.

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IP ensured its institutional investor clients affected by the VW emissions scandal and resulting share collapse joined the best case on the best terms.

Background: The VW emissions scandal in 2015 caused the VW stock price to fall by nearly 30% and prompted a wave of competing shareholder proceedings in various jurisdictions to recoup substantial investor losses. As part of the IP Opt-In Litigation service we analysed eight competing Opt-In group shareholder actions. Each had a different strategy, legal team, structure, costs/fees and risk profile. IP Clients had lost hundreds of millions of dollars and, as for other Opt-In cases, needed to ensure they joined the right case.

IP Action: IP identified which clients were affected by which case and provided loss analysis for each case. We also provided our affected clients with our IP Case Evaluation, which reviews all cases on offer in detail and provides a wholly independent recommendation as to which case is recommended and why. This allows our clients to rely on this advice. We negotiated terms and fees, further saving our clients’ money and protecting their interests.

Result: IP ensured that our clients had independent legal advice that they could rely on to ensure that they joined the best case on the best terms.

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IP secured a client $1.3M from a US financial antitrust settlement that the client’s past service provider had not picked up.

Background: One of our European corporate pension fund clients had previously relied on its custodian to handle its class action filings. The custodian (like most) does not cover Financial Antitrust cases and so did not pick up the various settlements the client was able to recover from.

IP Action: As part of the IP Financial Antitrust service, IP conducted a thorough review of all eligible filing and filed appropriately.

Result: In less than a year, we secured a recovery of over $1.3M for this client from a single US financial Antitrust settlement.

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A pension fund client recovered enough through IP’s Gap Analysis to pay its fees for over seven years.

Background: A major multinational pension fund joined IP in 2014. As part of the IP Gap Analysis service we reviewed claims previously filed for the client. We found that over 70% client claims had been missed by the predecessor.

IP Action: We were able to submit many of the missed claims, even after the filing deadline date had passed, and the client saw quite a windfall effect.

Result: We recouped enough for the client through this exercise alone to fund all IP services for the client for over seven years.

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A European fund manager recognised that “free” portfolio monitoring and claim filing was simply costing it money.

Background: A European fund manager IP client outsourced part of its operations to an asset manager, inheriting the “free” shareholder action claim filing services provided by a US law firm that the asset manager had in place for that part of its portfolio. After two years the fund manager reviewed what it was recovering through IP’s services and that provided by the law firm. It concluded that although the US service was unpaid, it was only recovering a fraction of what it was seeing compared to what it was recovering through IP.

IP Action: We extended our Shareholder Action Services to cover the outsourced portfolios to ensure the fund manager was recovering all eligible recoveries globally across all its portfolios.

Result: The European fund manager is comfortable that it is again receiving full recoveries across all jurisdictions.

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