The Benefits to Legal Experts of Working With IP

We encourage law firms, litigation funders and legal experts to work with us from the earliest stage practicable so we can develop the right approach for our asset owner and asset manager clients. This also ensures there is sufficient time for us to undertake the required due diligence on proposed cases and for our clients to go through their internal decision-making processes.

IP has 20 years’ experience of working with the leading law firms, funders and litigation experts in the global investor redress field. We enjoy a reputation for understanding Opt-In cases in particular and for bringing serious, well-informed and committed claimants to meritorious investor actions across the world. By working with litigation funders and law firms collaboratively from the outset we can examine together potential routes to redress and ensure the institutional investor voice is embodied in the case strategy from the start.

As we hold data for most of our $8 trillion AUM client base, we can provide an almost immediate general sense of how a potential case may affect our clients en masse; and will have a good sense of likely book-build based on that. This can save funders and law firms alike considerable time and money, which also benefits our clients.

We are always looking to work with like-minded legal experts to derive the best results for our clients and to add to our panel of evaluating firms. Please contact us on a confidential basis to discuss cases and/or become one of our panel of evaluation firms.


Initiate, fund or push litigation.
Sell clients into litigation.
Accept referral fees.