Institutional Protection (IP) is a global class and group investor action specialist, providing services exclusively for institutional investors. Based in London, we monitor shareholder actions and financial antitrust cases around the world and provide recovery and advisory services to manage the risk of participation in investor actions, whilst maximising clients’ recovery of losses relating to corporate non-disclosure, misrepresentation or fraud.

At any one point in time, there are several thousand investor actions in progress, with around 300-400 new actions brought each year across over 30 jurisdictions. In this increasingly demanding and complex landscape, our comprehensive services, with our state-of-the-art technology at its core, are ever more relevant and valuable to institutional investors.

The IP philosophy is simple: to ensure our clients understand where and how they are impacted by all group investor actions globally; to minimise the time and resources spent; to limit any risks involved and to maximise their financial returns whilst still retaining control of legal decisions.