ESG focused litigation is a powerful tool

January 2023

Caroline Goodman, CEO of Institutional Protection speaks to Pensions Expert on trends we expect to dominate the ESG agenda for pension schemes in 2023.

 “One of the biggest shifts in 2022 was the rise of shareholder litigation as part of an ESG agenda, a trend we expect to become even more prevalent in 2023.

Taking action on ESG-focussed litigation presents a vital means for investors to hold companies to account and drive the quality of their investments in the long-term.

 However, not all cases are created equal. As we move through the coming year, pension funds will therefore need to be increasingly discerning to ensure they are only joining the most watertight and appropriate cases, while protecting the long-term best interests of their beneficiaries.”

 To read more please visit Pensions Expert ‘What’s on the ESG radar for schemes in 2023’

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