Institutional Protection (IP) was founded in 2004 with the express aim of helping institutional investors identify and recover losses arising from corporate non-disclosure, misrepresentation or fraud. From the outset we have taken an innovative approach to tracking group investor actions worldwide and providing the services that asset owners and managers really need to manage their responsibilities in this area.

We have seen the shareholder and financial antitrust action landscape change dramatically over the years. In particular, following the US Supreme Court’s Morrison v National Australia Bank Ltd ruling in 2010, fewer options have been available to investors in US courts. This has led to many more cases being brought in many more jurisdictions, often competing against each other and each with their own legal process, requirements and characteristics.

The investor action arena has become more and more complex for institutional investors to follow themselves and too specialised for most service providers. We understand that knowing a fraction of the story is our clients’ worst scenario; what they need is the complete picture and a clear route to making the right legal decisions.

The financial recoveries from securities and financial antitrust actions are also growing. At the same time, clients and beneficiaries of asset owners and managers are increasingly aware of shareholder action processes, which are frequently in the press, and are demanding that funds have a robust and comprehensive recovery process in place. It is no longer acceptable to ignore investor litigation.

IP’s extensive experience and expertise in the shareholder litigation arena, together with its global reach and transparent and intelligent technology, helps many of the world’s largest asset owners and managers navigate their way directly and efficiently through the investor action landscape.