Securities Litigation

IPS provides its shareholder action monitoring and recovery services to a wide range of institutional investors, including public and private pension funds, asset managers, hedge funds and wealth funds. Clients are geographically spread across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America and range in size from around £400 million to £200 billion AUM (c. $650 million to $320 billion AUM).

Identifying relevant actions

All institutional investors and asset owners who have an internationally diversified equity and corporate debt portfolio will find themselves affected by the new global network of shareholder actions and will need to find a robust way to identify which actions globally are relevant as well as ensure they have watertight processes in place to recover funds from these processes in all relevant jurisdictions.

Automated systems across all jurisdictions

IPS provides clients an automated, end-to-end shareholder action monitoring and recovery system that covers all jurisdictions, is fully transparent and financially productive. IPS enables clients to understand when and where they are impacted by shareholder actions around the world (for most clients this is at least weekly) and to maximise their financial recoveries from these processes. Many clients come to IPS to upgrade their class action monitoring from a basic, US-focused service to a comprehensive global solution.

Pension vault clients

IPS is also pleased to provide its global shareholder action monitoring and recovery services to all Pension Vault clients. Pension Vault is a UK local-authority led, not-for-profit initiative designed to help pension schemes improve their governance and regulatory compliance, without requiring any internal resource and delivering a net financial gain through its services.


Head of Finance Local Government pension scheme
The quality of information and advice received over the last quarter have saved considerable internal resources.

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