Our Clients

Whatever you feel about shareholder class actions, they are now a reality of investing internationally, represent a potentially significant income stream and of course legally cannot be ignored. But since class actions have globalised, institutional investors have found it increasingly difficult to monitor cases and developments in the growing number of relevant jurisdictions worldwide as well as negotiate the ever more complex myriad of legal systems and processes to ensure cases are appropriately responded to and funds properly recovered.

A diverse client base with a common objective

IPS provides its shareholder action monitoring and recovery services to a wide variety of institutional investors including sovereign wealth funds, investment managers, custodians, public and private pension funds, hedge funds, wealth managers and major charities.

Like their investments, IPS clients are geographically diverse, spread across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australasia and North America; and represent many industry sectors including aviation, banking, education, finance, healthcare, leisure, local government, media, oil and gas, technology and transport. Clients range in size from hundreds of millions of dollars to hundreds of billions of dollars in AUM.

Many clients come to IPS to upgrade their class action monitoring from a basic, US-focused service to a comprehensive global solution. And many look to IPS to improve their financial returns from shareholder actions, which is exactly what we do.

IPS has increased the financial return of all of its many clients through its unique approach and detailed management of clients’ claims at every stage. This, together, with the excellent client service that IPS clients experience, has led to high numbers of client referrals.