Cookie policy

Cookies are small, plain text files which are downloaded to a device when you access websites.

Cookies can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • Remembering a user setting or preference, such as a colour or the size of text on a page so that a page can be personalised.
  • Remembering information about a feature on a page, such as the fact that you’ve watched a video clip or added an item to a site’s “shopping basket”
  • Analysing the website usage, to help the website owners improve the website over time.

Cookies can not be run as a program, or used to give your device a virus.

If you would like to find out more about cookies in general, visit:

Use of cookies by IPS Ltd.

At IPS, we use only 2 types of cookies:

Firstly, we use Google Analytics so that we can see how many visitors we get to our site; and to help us improve the site in future by seeing how it is used by those visitors. If you would like to opt out of Google Analytics (across all websites), you can do so by downloading Google’s browser plug here:

Secondly, we use cookies to create a “session” so that we know it is you returning to our sites. For our client login portal, session cookies are used to provide the user with a secure session which stops users having to log in to each page individually.