Our approach


All institutional investors are now affected by a range of shareholder actions around the world, the purpose of which is to recover investment losses arising from corporate non-disclosure, misrepresentation or fraud.

The shareholder action landscape has changed quite dramatically in the last few years with now fewer remedies available to international investors in the US Courts (post the US Supreme Court’s Morrison ruling in 2010). Meanwhile, the opportunities for investor remedies in other jurisdictions around the world continue to increase.

IPS has developed its own bespoke global shareholder action management system to ensure that its clients maximise their recoveries from all relevant global settlements and are always well informed about the impact of, and responding appropriately, to all shareholder actions, regardless of the jurisdiction.


The IPS service deals with all aspects of identifying relevant shareholder actions and recovering settlement monies globally so that investors do not have to devote resource to this beyond reviewing management reports.

IPS’ services are unique in being globally comprehensive, independent, completely outsourced and almost entirely automated with full transparency throughout.

IPS has developed its own proprietary technology to track shareholder action claims globally; identify client claims from client historic data which is uploaded to the IPS system; prepare claim and supporting documentation for both opt-in and opt-out claims; track and manage all claims in progress; manage the distribution of funds; and run all customised client reports. Each client is assigned a dedicated, secure area of its in-house database which incorporates appropriate security layers and encryption to prevent unauthorised access and misuse of stored data.

IPS has increased the financial return of its many clients through its unique approach and detailed management of clients’ claims at every stage.


IPS works strictly for its institutional investor clients. We do not have any preferred or financial relationships with lawyers, litigation funders or other associated third parties and do not take referral payments for our clients to join or take an active role in any particular actions.
We ensure that clients know about any and all relevant cases, regardless of jurisdiction, rather than pushing one particular case. This is an essential part of the global service that we provide as there are increasingly multiple parallel cases to choose between, each with different costs structures, risks, parties involved and so on. What is right for one client is not always what is right for another and clients must have the opportunity to participate in the case that suits them best.

IPS provides an excellent level of client service and care; and time and again clients have recommended us to industry colleagues. While clients have come to IPS from all types of class action monitoring, no client has ever chosen to leave IPS.