IPS corporate history

Institutional Protection Services Ltd (IPS) is a UK headquartered company, based in central London, that was established in 2004 to assist non-US institutions, in particular, meet their fiduciary duty to identify and recover all monies potentially due to them from securities class action processes in the US and elsewhere.

From the outset we have tracked not just securities class actions in the US, but all group investor actions worldwide, and responded to these on our clients’ behalf, to ensure IPS clients recover the maximum possible from these increasingly global processes.

Since 2004, we have seen a dramatic shift in the class action landscape from being almost entirely dominated by US actions to a truly global network of shareholder actions in jurisdictions on most continents, all with different legal processes and characteristics, but with the same fundamental aim of recouping investor losses arising from corporate (or adviser) non-disclosure, misrepresentation or fraud.

As shareholder class actions have globalised and it has become more complex for investors to understand where their historic investments are impacted and respond appropriately to each situation and within the required deadlines, IPS specialist services have become ever more relevant and beneficial to institutional investors worldwide.