Industry Overview

Shareholder class actions – once the preserve of the US markets – are now a routine feature of investment globally, requiring institutional investors in particular to have a robust worldwide monitoring and recovery process in place.

The international shareholder class action landscape had moved from a single administrative process to numerous different legal processes across numerous jurisdictions. Our clients recognise having a robust global service in place is essential as these cases become more widespread and complex.

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Our Clients

All institutional investors and asset owners who have an internationally diversified equity and corporate debt portfolio will find themselves affected by the new global network of shareholder actions on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Institutions have a legal duty to understand the impact of the many hundreds of shareholder actions worldwide and ensure that financial recoveries are properly made for clients and beneficiaries.

IPS provides its shareholder action monitoring and recovery services to a wide range of institutional investors, including sovereign wealth funds, investment managers, custodians, public and private pension funds, hedge funds, wealth managers and major charities. Clients are geographically spread across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America and range in size from around $300 million to $600 billion AUM.

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Why Choose IPS?

IPS prides itself on providing an excellent and financially rewarding global shareholder action service, which is why some of the world’s largest asset managers, pension funds and sovereign wealth funds have chosen IPS to provide them with comprehensive shareholder action services.

Many clients come to IPS to upgrade their class action monitoring from a basic, US-focused service to a comprehensive global solution. No client has ever left us for another class action service.

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